Monday, April 23, 2012

Hussy Update Time...

Greetings fellow perverts~
Snapped a few pix after session 4.20.12
Hope you all are well & keeping busy, I am :) I do miss a few of you, I think of all My pets often & I cant wait to play again! I am really lucky to be able to have so much fun & make a living doing what I love. It is a lot of work & bullshit to sort through but I meet some of the sweetest kinksters Ive ever met who make Me feel so appreciated for being Me. Ever since I began as a Pro Domme I have to admit, I feel more like Myself than I ever had before. Its been challenging in some ways, yes, but because of all the fun and rad kinksters I have met its been really so rewarding in many ways too. I don't take lightly who I allow into My life & that goes the same for anybody I will accept session requests from.. I tend to block! and tell people to fuck off if they don't approach respectfully. I don't mind turning down tons of boring, illegal, uninspiring sessions.. I would rather take sincere, sweet, polite kinksters who communicate effectively & who treat Me the way I deserve to be treated -from fun kinky fetish play, spanking, forced strap on worship or if I do decide to indulge in one of your favorite types of play.. Call Me crazy but I prefer lifestylers who truly appreciate & respect Me over a bossy man who calls himself submissive who really thinks because he is paying that I have to spend time with him.. I don't. 
Ever get dressed up just to get dirty?!
Welcome to My world lol
 I loved meeting all the new pets these last few weeks, thank you for being so good to Me. I like it when a kinkster relinquishes his freedom & has fun with a scene & doesn't take it too seriously! I do demand respect. I will lead the way. I wont let you tell Me what to do. But we can have fun.. & I'm open to suggestions if properly expressed in a respectful manner. I am always open to hearing requests for activities I don't currently have an interest in, & mainly because I'm more fascinated with the "why this kink" aspect of it, that's also why the Request A Session form is so long.. For example I remember the first time I did a golden shower. It was with a pet who had been serving Mistrix & who was seeing Me for sessions while She was away.. That was one of his many kinks.. I thought it was funny! He wanted Mistrix & I to mark our territory! & that's how I think of it always. I guess naturally, that carried over to brown showers. A kinkster in OC politely introduced himself, was up front with references & his kink. I did check him out through a reference he gave Me who spoke very highly of him.. I got such a high from the session, I still cant help but to smile when I think of that perv! Owned. ;) I had never done scat play before but I did & I had fun! I loved that this was the way he felt a Woman was most Dominating & when he felt most humiliated. I guess roman & ruby showers are the two showers left to try.. Or am I mistaken?! Lol.  
For My dirty feet lovers...
This weekend was fun! I usually gravitate toward FemDom driven events but I do enjoy meeting new people since I am newer to the scene. I spent Saturday night at My favorite play space (where I session in OC) for their monthly play party! I love the space, feels like home. I love the owners, they're such great people & really I feel are keeping the scene alive here in OC. I spent at least an hour or so beating a rad masochist with another lifestyle Domina :) I met her at a FemDom party two or three months ago & had so much fun feeding off each others energy, timing & play style. I don't mind that there aren't that many true masochists around because none I have seen take pain as well as this guy does! The zipper style plastic tail floggers really got such good use!! I felt amazing afterwards as I usually do after a great scene.  
I also went to a rope suspension class!!! I have been wanting to attend more classes & learn more because it is truly something I enjoy doing. Rope is fun for Me, I think the sexy vulnerability of someone tied up wont ever get old. Ive played around with binding subs to bondage furniture and to themselves a bunch now. I wanted to attend Julie Simones rope class when she was in LA but it got cancelled. Tim Woodman was teaching this class & Mika Tan, Caroline Pierce & Emily Prior were there to help demonstrate & assist showing us how to properly suspend someone :) I'm excited to make one of My rope loving subbies fly when we get some time in the dungeon together. Did I name drop enough?! Lol. I don't know these people well personally, but I am very inspired by them.
New toy~ I wonder who will be the first brave soul to take it!
New heels sent from a very sweet & naughty kinkster I met last week!
So sexy & very much appreciated!!!
Whats coming up?! DomCon is coming up. That's what. It will be My first year attending. I plan to soak up all the Hussy play time I can with Mistrix! She will be in town from May 16th to May 20th! If you have been interested in serving, sessioning or spoiling Her or the both of Us together~ please make as much advance notice as you can :) I'm sure We will have lots to do so early planning is necessary. We Both require deposits for new play partners. Her website is for further info, or you may contact Me to inquire as well, no bullshit though, complete the Request A Session form on My website We will be staying in a hotel near LAX & both accepting session requests & almost all forms of spoiling!
Spoil Me: HERE in the meantime..
I have a great surprise coming up in a few weeks only 2 people know about & not the two people youd think to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To request a session go to!
Lets play soon, lots of activities to do!

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