Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back from vacation & ready for anything..

Hi Sweet pets~ miss youuu
Went shopping for a few new lingerie pieces, you're welcome...
I got conductive rope to go with the violet wand I was gifted but it doesn't really work that great :/ but at least I can still restrain people with it, right lol 
I remember My first time on the bottom & when I top someone who has never seen a Pro Domme I think back to that experience. I like to say that I might "role play your submissive" & then add a bunch of conditions onto it which to Me, is not a submissive at all. I just know that when I come in contact with a true submissive the tone of our interaction is completely different than with a fetishist or any other play partner, to Me it's something special & flattering. Each pet is different but I love playing with true submissives, newbies or BDSM veterans, who want a total power exchange, its an awesome gift & gives Me a high for hours afterward.
This pet was so polite when approaching to request a session.. I was very proud to give him his first marks & welts and always am when I get fresh slave meat in My little hands. I get asked a lot "What do You enjoy the most?" & to be honest: I really get into Domme mode when pets are polite, sincere, quiet, when they say "yes Miss Sheri" & "thank You Miss Sheri" a lot in response (& when they don't rattle off a "No list" before we begin) ;) I guess if I had to categorize them Id say I like pain slut subs and slutty slut submissives / fetishists the most. I don't want to say I like these 3 activities because each pet is so different that I do truly enjoy them all in different scenarios.  
Naturally, I love being worshiped.. I am fortunate enough to be treated well by a few sweet pets between sessions or just because they sincerely worship Me from afar. Its awesome! ;)
6" T-strap heels sent from a sweet cute pet, thank you xoxo
Vegas was awesome! I spent 4 days 3 nights in Vegas at the new Vdara hotel & absolutely loved it. Its a smaller all suite hotel with no gaming and no smoking. I had a great time playing away from home & plus it was great to just get away from all responsibilities and reward Myself with a much needed vacation.
Tiger Army put on another great show complete with a Buddy Holly "Rave On" & Rick Nelson "Nobody Else But Me". Their music warms My cold black heart like no other. Lots of love songs, lots of tortured soul songs also.. Looks like Ill see them in October when they play Octoberflame shows again.
I'm always going to Vegas. I tend to be able to find 4 or 5 excuses over the spring and summer time and I usually go for My birthday in November too. I enjoy relaxing at the pool or at a spa the most & always treat Myself to the best restaurants I can find.  
  • Right now plans are to work hard to pay off bills!
  • The only big event in the near future would be DomCon in May. I would LOVE a pet to dress Me for it. There are many things on My wish list & leather and latex attire are the most important.
Cant wait to play with you perverts again, soon xoxo

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